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That's me, Frerk


You are looking for a wedding photographer? You like to pop the question and you would like to get a photo of your secret proposal?

That´s Me

Your name sounds very unusual.

You are right. My name is pretty special and neither a short cut, nick name or screen name. My mom just liked this name at the time of my birth. I am german born and my name is a special form of Friedrich. A very decent german name.

I am not a real New Yorker. I am a big Fan of New York and that since 1996 when I have first visited the city. I understand to be a New Yorker you have to be born in the City. I was born in Germany in 1967. There I spend my childhood. With wining a Green Card in the Lottery (yes, this really happens) I moved together with my wife to New York City. Now I am living in Long Island City (Queens) and work as wedding and portrait photographer in the city.

I also have personal experience with getting married in New York City.  I proposed to my wife at Times Sqaure and we got married in 2012 at City Clerk in Manhattan. It was awesome and so unique! Our wedding pictures include all the iconic New York places – for us it had to be Central Park and Times Square! Therefore I can understand every couple who wants to get hitched in this city. The thing I liked most at our wedding day was that so many New Yorker congrats to us!! On the streets, in the subway – everywhere!

I would be great to meet you here in NYC. Just get in contact and send me an email

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